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June 12 - 20, 2018
7 Nights Medjugorje


From Denver, Colorado


September 18 - 27, 2018
8 Nights Medjugorje

From Denver, Colorado

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Our Lady's Latest Message!

Our Lady's Message to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo of January 2, 2018 

"Dear Children! When love is beginning to disappear on earth, when the way of salvation is not being found, I, the mother, am coming to help you to come to know true faith - living and profound - so as to help you truly to love.  As a mother, I am longing for your mutual love, goodness and purity.  My desire is that you be just and that you love each other.  My children, be joyful in your soul, be pure, be children.

My Son used to say that he loves to be among pure hearts, because pure hearts are always young and joyful.  My Son said to you to forgive and to love each other.  I know that this is not always easy.  Suffering makes you grow in spirit.  For you to spiritually grow all the more, you must sincerely and truly forgive and love.  Many of my children on earth do not know my Son, they do not love Him; but you who do love my Son, you who carry Him in your heart, pray, pray and in praying feel my Son beside you.  May your soul breathe in His spirit.

I am among you and am speaking about little and great things.  I will not grow tired speaking to you about my Son - the true love.  Therefore, my children, open your hearts to me.  Permit me to lead you as a mother.  Be apostles of the love of my Son and of me.  As a mother I implore you not to forget those whom my Son has called to lead you.  Carry them in your heart and pray for them.  Thank you!"


Our Lady's Message to Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti of December 25, 2017

"Dear Children!  Today I am bringing to you my Son Jesus for Him to give you His peace and blessing.  I am calling all of you, little children, to live and witness the graces and the gifts which you have received.  Do not be afraid.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to be joyful witnesses and people of peace and hope.  Thank you for having responded to my call."


Our Lady's Annual Message to Jakov Colo of December 25, 2017

"Dear Children!  Today, on this day of grace, I am calling you to ask the Lord for the gift of faith.  My children, decide for God and begin to live and to believe in that what God is calling you to.  To believe, my children, means to surrender your lives into God's hands - the hands of the Lord who created you and who loves you immeasurably.  Do not be believers only in words but live and witness your faith through works and through your personal example.  Speak with God as with your Father.  Open and surrender your hearts to Him and you will see how your hearts are changing and how your life will marvel at God's works in your life.  My children, there is no life without God and that is why, as your mother, I intercede before, and pray to, my Son to renew your hearts and to fill your life with immeasurable love.  Thank you for having responded to my call."


At the ordinary session of the Bishops' Conference of Yugoslavia in Zadar

from April 9 - 11, 1991, the following was adopted:

It all began on June 24, 1981, when six children began to insist that Our Lady was appearing to them. She introduced herself as the Queen of Peace, and was inviting the world to peace and reconciliation. "Peace, peace, peace between man and God, and among mankind."

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